Doncaster Pride were looking for new partners to design, build and install the entrance sign for the backstage VIP area.

Doncaster Pride was established in 2007 and is a registered charity carrying out work all year round for the LBGT+ community.

Pride the event is a celebration as well as a campaign to fight for LBGT+ rights worldwide. With over 4000 participants and host to over 18,000 visitors Pride is a significant event in Doncaster.

The Situation

Doncaster Pride were looking for new partners for different aspects of the event. Being recognised as on of the best Pride’s in the North of England and particularly for their hospitality, sponsor and visitor areas, they were looking for help creatively for an entrance sign for the backstage VIP area.

When they spoke to Visual Group at Doncaster Business Showcase and saw their capabilities, they immediately thought that Visual Group would be a great partner.

The Solution

Knowing that they had to ensure Doncaster Pride maintained its reputation for being one of the best in the North of England, Visual Group set out to design and build a free standing welcome/entrance sign, featuring the Doncaster Pride logo. Adorning each column of the entrance sign were helium balloons in rainbow colours which could be released at the end of the event. Visual Group not only carried out the design and manufacture but also the installation at the event.

Doncaster Pride Production
Doncaster Pride Sign
Visual Group
Doncaster Pride
Doncaster Pride Production

The Result

Jenny Dewsnap, Chair of Doncaster Pride commented

“We were delighted, it was quite a talking point and we had lots of photos taken for the events backdrop. What a great team at Visual Group and a great statement piece. Our backstage entrance has never looked so amazing. We can’t thank Visual Group enough for their creativity, brilliance and quality craftsmanship. We were the envy of many other Pride events, we like to set the bar high and Visual Group helped us to do this.”

If you would like to find out more about Doncaster Pride please visit their website or head to their Facebook page

Doncaster Pride VIP Sign
Doncaster Pride Sign

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