The Purpose of Signage

The Purpose of Signage

As we start to see many businesses open back up, have you used lockdown as an opportunity for a refurbishment project or are you considering it now.

When you have professionally made signage you are presenting a professional space. There is nothing worse than walking into a building that does not have appropriate or professional signage.

The main purpose of signage is to communicate information, but today signage can and is achieving so much more. In this article we take a look at all the different purposes signage can have and how it can help your business.

1. Advertising and Marketing

Signage is used by many companies as a successful way to advertise and make your brand stand out and branding does matter. Strong, consistent and coherent designs represent your brand and create trust.

Your business premises offer so many opportunities for valuable advertising real estate. From shop windows, hoarding boards to your commercial premises sign being visible all from passing traffic. The more traffic you have passing by, whether by foot or by vehicle, the more valuable this space is to you and advertising your business. 

Creating perfect eye catching signage will you gain more attention and as this is your own premises you can easily refresh the signage from time to time to regain passers by attention.

Advertising and Marketing

2. Enticing Customers

Many retail and hospitality businesses use signage to entice customers by creating curiosity and encourage customers to venture inside.

People do make judgement and will judge your business or the environment by how it looks and makes them feel. So signage is an important feature that can play a larger role in the character of any premises.

Enticing Customers

3. Building Brand Recognition

Signs let people know they are in the right place. Many business building feature branded signage which also helps to build brand recognition, as we talk about in the purpose of signage for advertising.

Working with a professional sign design company can help to ensure your brand is also portrayed in the right way as the right signage not only presents your business well, making it more established, it can also help get your brand identity and values into the mindset of your staff and customers.

Building Brand Recognition

4. Direction

For larger locations/premises, directional signs or way-finding signs are important to guide staff and visitors.  

For someone visiting, getting lost or not being sure where to go can cause anxiety, frustration and give an unprofessional impression.

Clear directional signage not only shows visitors and staff where to go, it creates a sense of calm and feeling of being well organised, reinforcing and positive impression.


5. Health & Safety

Vitally important and required for communicating health and safety information across all types of premises and all businesses.

More recently we are now seeing safety communications around Covid-19 and many businesses also want this safety range of signage to also consider their own branding.

Health and Safety

6. Appearance

Signage can also be used to enhance appearance both externally and internally. From hoarding to disguise walls and fencing through to offices, where we are seeing more interior design incorporate signs into their schemes, from landscapes on walls to company vision and values to reinforce the company image.

If you are a service led industry such as law or finance, you need to portray trust and reliability, or if you are selling goods, it about quality and service. When you have professionally made signage, adding these touches to your interior, you are presenting a professional space and creates an appealing atmosphere.

Enticing Customers

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